Winner of the first women's fight in Future FC history in its January debut, 27-year-old Heloisa Azevedo signed a contract to play for the Cage Fury Fighting Championship featherweight title with names like Eddie Alvarez, Jim Miller and Aljamain Sterling. Felder and Anthony Smith.

The fight is set for May 25 in Coachella, California, against undefeated Miranda Granger, who has five straight victories in five fights. Heloísa debuted in MMA in 2017, with defeat by decision in struggle in the featherweight, three categories above his.

At the straw weight, he won the four he fought, being three by submission and one by knockout. In Future FC 1, Heloísa Azevedo defeated Alana Souza with an armlock of 1 minute and 30 seconds of fighting.