Many who watch the Brazilian MMA consider the strawweight Ariane Sorriso the best pund for pound fighter in activity in the country. Last weekend, she made one of the best fights of the year in the 5th edition of Future FC, knocked out Ketlen Souza with a body kick and was applauded by Rodrigo Minotauro, who watched everything in the front row.

"I was very happy with the presence of this legend, which is the Minotaur. And when I found out he was there to watch my fight, it gave me a bigger motivation. I talked to him at the end of the event, and I very much believe that soon the opportunity to fight on UFC will appear, this is my dream and that is my goal! And I think my time has come, right (laughs)", believes the fighter.

Regarding the war against Souza, who surprised everyone who did not know her by surviving an insane blitz imposed at the beginning of the fight, Ariane Sorriso said that it happened according to the script prepared by her technical commission.

"I was not surprised (with the performance of Souza). I was training for a fight like that. I knew I was a tough opponent, with eight victories, so I made my whole camp prepared for everything. But I was ready for this, I wanted to knock out, my game is this and I will never run away from my origin. I was very pleased with my fight, in all aspects", she commented.

Now the Inside athlete has an expressive record of 12 wins in 13 fights, eight by knockout. Invicta since its debut in 2014, when it was finalized by UFC fighter Amanda Ribas, Sorriso, who won the trophy of the best fighter in 2018 at the Osvaldo Paquetá Award, believes she has no more to prove on the national stage.

"We are already negotiating with an international event. My manager knows that my goal is the UFC, and it's even strange that nothing has surfaced through him thinking about the international scene. I respect a lot of the national MMA, but I believe that I have already proved my worth and won my space, I think it is time for new challenges. I've worked hard for this, I want the UFC, I've told you before that I deserve my chance, so I'll think calmly about future proposals ... but I can guarantee that there are new things out there..."