Fans downloaded the Future FC app, voted for the People's Fight system and chose the fights that make up the main card of the 6th edition scheduled for June 28 in Sao Paulo. In the main bout, Edson Panico and Gabriel Marretinha vie for the welterweight belt.

On Featherweight, Denis Alagoas, who returns to Future after beating Elvis Brenner in the 3rd edition, faces former UFC and Bellator Kevin Souza.

By welterweights, Wendell Giácomo and Luiz Cado also try the second victory in the company. While Giácomo surpassed Felipe Bonaventura in the last edition, Cado won Claudiere Freitas in the third.

In the lightweight division, Eder Gama faces Rodrigo Lídio; in the light heavyweight, Acácio Pequeno returns to the decagon after the victory over Matheus Buffa in the first edition. Now he is fighting against John Allan, who comes from the Contender Series.

Closing the fights decided by the fans, David Valente faces Bruno Beirute for the featherweight division. Another confirmed match on the card is the duel between welterweights Otton Jasse and Andre Fischer.