Just over four months after the brilliant victory in Future MMA 4 against Gisele Moreira, in a fight voted as the best of that edition, Karol Rosa makes his UFC debut on saturday. The roosterweight faces her compatriot Lara Procopio in Shenzhen, China.

“I've been looking forward to this UFC debut, I'm well trained, focused and stronger than ever! At first I was a little anxious, I didn't believe I was in the UFC; but the days went by and it hit me. Today I am focused, prepared and confident that I will make a great fight. I'm ready to fight now! ”, said Karol.

In Future MMA, Karol Rosa returned the defeat she had suffered to Gisele Moreira in 2017, with all included. If on the first date she cried after a majority decision, on the rematch she defined the fight in her favor with a TKO in the last seconds of the fight, dismissing the referees verdict.