Fans can already vote for the fighters they want to see fight in the decagon of Future FC 5, scheduled for May 24 in São Paulo. The edition will also have the first title match in the history of the event: Adriano Ramos and Elton Alves face the flyweight belt.
Adriano Ramos conquered the title shot by applying the most brutal knockout of the Future FC debut in January of this year. In the following event, in February, Elton Alves defeated Alan Gabriel Tilico by unanimous decision in the best fight of that edition, qualifying to fight for the belt.
Matheus Nicolau signs with Future to try to return to the UFC
A member of the UFC flyweights ranking until very recently, Matheus Nicolau was one of those that suffered from the cut of athletes of the category and, even with the retrospective of three victories in four fights, he did not have his contract renewed with the organization. Focused on returning to the world's largest MMA event, he set out to migrate to the bantamweight division in which he has achieved good results in the past. His re-run in the division will be in this edition of Future, against the winner of the vote between Alan Gomes and Wagner Lima.
To vote is simple. Just download the Future FC app, available for free on Google Play and the App Store, register and access the "People's Fight" tab. Voting is available until the 10th. In the app, in addition to choosing your favorite matches, the fan also watches all editions of the event live and in HD.
 Future FC 5
May 24, 2019
Ítalo Brasileiro University Center

125 lbs: Elton Alves vs. Adriano Ramos – cinturão

135 lbs: Matheus Nicolau vs. Alan Gomes / Wagner lima

170 lbs: Willian Cilli / André Fischer vs. Oton Jasse / Bruce Souto

145 lbs Antônio Buiu / Vinicius Sorriso vs. Bruno Roverso / Fabrício Saci

115 lbs: Kalindra Faria / Ariane Sorriso vs. Ketlen Esquentadinha / Dany Fenix

125 lbs: Edilceu Para-Raio / Flavio Queiroz vs. Elvis Hikari / Welinton Kakaroto

135 lbs: Vanessa Melo / Rosy Duarte vs. Karon Rosa / Mayara Ketlen

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