Guaranteed to be present at any major fight event, ring girls also feature prominently in Future MMA. By circumventing the decagon indicating upcoming rounds, the beautiful models help entertain the audience and relieve tension during clashes. Thus, aware of the importance of ring girls for the show, the event advisory team decided to interview Future's muses.

Already awaiting the 8th edition of Future - scheduled for August 23 in São Paulo - Gabi Monise guarantees: the craft of ring girl goes far beyond a job. That's because, according to the 23-year-old from São Paulo, who is heading for her fourth participation in Future, she feels at home among the event's team.

"I'm finding it amazing to be part of the Future. The proportion of the event is taking is much larger than I thought. It's wonderful to be part of it, rewarding. I hope the event keeps growing bigger and bigger and that I'm still part of it".

As well as a student of physical education, Gabi is also a fan of MMA and enjoys training muay thai in her free time. Thus, according to the ring girl, the experience of being part of what she always followed on TV has been "gratifying".
"I think it's amazing because it's an experience I didn't have, although I really enjoy watching fights. But it's been great because I like the sport, I fight for hobby, it's very gratifying to see everything up close, it's been so much fun to be here at the event, everyone has been very receptive, it's almost like family".

In addition to Gabi, Ana Clara Prado and Valéria Araújo complete the Future MMA ring girls trio. Owner of great charisma, Ana Clara, 25, recalled the adrenaline she feels in the midst of the struggles, and highlighted the growth of MMA on the world stage.

"I found this interaction with the public very interesting, it is a sport that has been growing a lot in Brazil and also in the rest of the world. I am very happy to be part of the team, I love being in touch with the public and the adrenaline of the fights".

Newcomer of the team, Valeria dreams big: wants to continue to stand out in the Future for, who knows, one day still be part of UFC, the largest MMA league on the planet. So she would follow in the footsteps of Ariane Sorriso, John Allan, Karol Rosa and Wellington Turman, fighters who signed with the UFC shortly after they passed Future.

"Now that I have started working on this I am understanding a bit of MMA and I have found it very interesting. Now it is looking to evolve and maybe get to UFC (laughs)".