Announced for the welterweight title fight in the main Future MMA 6 fight, Edson Panico and Gabriel Marretinha received proposals to represent Brazil at major international events. Fulfilling the proposal of always thinking the best for the athlete, the organization decided to release them.

Now the Future MMA 6, scheduled for June 28, at Centro Universitário Ítalo Brasileiro, in São Paulo-SP, has a new main fight, still worth the welterweight belt. The match is now between Luiz Cado and Wendell Giácomo, who won on the third and fourth edition respectively.

"The LFA called Gabriel Marretinha to compete for the belt there and the ONE Championship offered a contract to Edson Panico. Of course we regret the fact that we can not watch the duel between them, but otherwise we are happy about the course of their careers. This confirms Future MMA's commitment to putting the best of them to fight each other. And it's no different with Luiz Cado vs. Wendell Giácomo, who made it worthy of the title race", explained Lucas Lutkus, president of Future MMA.

Company announces news

Thinking of the expansion to the international market, Future announced some changes in its visual identity, adopting a modern logo and happening to be called Future MMA. The company works to promote other combat modalities and become a global event.

Another new feature is the release of "Future MMA Connected," a series that portrays the backstage of the week of the event, from the arrival of the athletes in the hotel, through the dramas of weighing, to the vibration of victory and tears of defeat. The first episode is available on Future's Youtube channel

Future MMA 6

June 28, 2019

Italo Brasileiro University Center, Sao Paulo-SP

170 lbs: Luiz Cado x Wendell Giácomo

145 lbs: Denis Silva x Kevin Souza

205 lbs: John Allan x Alexandre Silva

155 lbs: Eder Gama x Rodrigo Lídio

155 lbs: Ednilson Cai-Cai x Ismael Marreta

145 lbs: David Valente x Bruno Beirute

135 lbs: Daniel Willycat x Henrique Budista

105 lbs: Valesca Tina x Maria Ribeiro

+265 lbs: Plínio Cruz x Douglas Big Monster

135 lbs: Léo Alves x Vinicius Lok Dog

155 lbs: Brenner Albert x Wallison Big bull

145 lbs: Filipe Floyd x Gleyston Baby Shark