For the fans that are anxious to watch the upcoming show of the best MMA organization of 2019, Future MMA opens their pay-per-view sales through the following link
For only $9,99 The show that is being called “Night of Champions”, will take place on October 16th, in São Paulo, Brazil and will have 4 championship belts on the line.

“Pay-per-view is another brick that Future lays in the foundation of the modernization of Brazilian MMA. We can say that it most definitely is a revolution in the National mixed martial arts scenario, because it’s a huge victory for the fighters. Part of the amount collected with the sales will be destined to the show’s production cost, and the other half will be split between the 12 fighters of the main card”,says Jorge Oliveira, Future MMA’s CEO.

“ As a development league, Future MMA was always worried about preparing the fighters to gain the world. The one’s that follow the sport closely know that, besides being a high performance athlete, the fighter has to know how to sell his image. With the PPV sales we hope to reveal not only great fighters, but MMA superstars to the world”, completes Jorge Oliveira.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the presence of the fans is strictly forbidden. The only one’s that will be present in the warehouse put together by the organization will be the professionals involved in the production of the event. Besides that, athletes, coaches and staff members will be tested according to security protocol, as determined by the health authorities.

There will be 10 fights overall, five of them being broadcasted exclusively on pay-per-view. In the main event of the night, Elismar Carrasco and Jackson Tortora clash for the featherweight gold; in the co-main event, Luiz Cado defends his welterweight title against Uyran Presunto; Caio Borralho faces Wildemar Besouro for the untouched middleweight throne; and in the lightweight division, Jack Godzilla tries to maintain himself as the king of the lightweight division as he faces Rodrigo Lídio.

Solidarity Coalition

Future MMA teamed up with the solidarity team formed by Legião da Boa Vontade, Super Radio Brazil, Prime Sports and MMA Social, so that with donations, they can gather food and higene products to help families that were impacted economically by the pandemic. Anyone can collaborate through the following link

Check out the complete card below:

Future MMA 12 - Night of Champions
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Friday, October 16, 2020

PPV Card

Featherweight: Elismar Carrasco vs. Jackson Tortora

Welterweight: Luiz Cado vs. Uyran Presunto

Middleweight: Caio Borralho vs. Wildemar Besouro

Lightweight: Jack Godzilla vs. Rodrigo Lídio

Bantamweight: Mateus Bocao vs. Pedro Nobre

Tv Card

Featherweight: Elvis Caiçara vs. TBA

Bantamweight: Elvis Silva vs. Eduardo Chapolin

Welterweight: Pedro Machado vs. Ramon Flecha

Welterweight: Quemuel Ottoni vs. Eduardo Blade

Lightweight: Thiago TKS vs. Lucas Chute Boxe