Voting for the 8th edition of Future MMA is now open! As a result, fighting fans who want to marry the clashes of the event scheduled for August 23 in Sao Paulo need only download the Future App for free from Google Play or the App Store, or

Among the 24 fighters who will occupy 12 vacancies in Future 8 are Henrique Montanha, who in June 2016 knocked out UFC star Johnny Walker in just 18 seconds in a duel for Jungle Fight. In the open poll, Henrique disputes with Gugu Barros the opportunity to face Hugo Cunha or Edinaldo Novaes - who compete for the other vacancy - in the heavyweight division.

Another highlight of the event is Cleber Sousa, champion of two SFT weight division. The public will have the opportunity to choose between Clebinho and Irwing Machado to face Rafael Moreira or Vinicius Cruz in the 8th edition of Future, in combat in the middleweight category (170 lbs).

In the lightweight (155 lbs) category, fans have former TUF Jack Godzilla as one of the options. Godzilla disputes with Evandro Barbosa - who won his last challenge in Future - the public preference. The winner of the contest will face Herbert Batista or Rogério Karranca at the event scheduled for August. Among the athletes who have also won their clashes at Future, Augusto Abdias and Magnus Kelly also appear as options.

Check out the available fighters to choose from:

170 lbs - Cleber Sousa or Irwing Machado vs Rafael Moreira or Vinicius Cruz

265 lbs - Henrique Lopes or Gugu Barros vs Hugo Cunha or Edinaldo Novaes

155 lbs Augusto Abdias or Eduardo Santiago vs Magnus Kelly or Melk Costa

155 lbs - Evandro Barbosa or Jack Godzilla vs Herbert Batista or Rogério Karranca

135 lbs - Wanderley Ferreira or Luís Felipe vs Nilton Gavião or Tayron Pedro

185 lbs - Johny Vieira or Robson Ferreira vs Caio Borralho or Otavio Sagas