At 6.10 in height, Renan Problema (‘Trouble” in English), 29, is one of the most promising heavyweights in the Brazilian scene, although he is not very young. With four wins - all by knockout - in five fights, he interested the legend Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, who invited him to train in his team, Team Nogueira. 

"It's always a motivation to listen to compliments and be encouraged by a guy I've always been a fan of. I had the opportunity to join Team Nogueira in October 2016 and from then on I have only been evolving with my teammates. "

Renan Problema has attempted career in some sports, including, of course, basketball. But it was in the fight that the giant was successful. He faces Fabrício Almeida at Future FC 3 on March 22 in Indaiatuba, SP, and wants to win to receive an opportunity at events in the USA.

"I have a very good expectation and I am grateful to have the opportunity to show my work in an organization that can be the passport for international events," said Renan Problema, who is a fan of Jon Jones. "I love his game, I'm inspired by him when I come in to fight."