Future FC does not stop. After the success of the first and second editions, the event works to produce the third, and as always, interacting with the fans, who chose the fighters who want to watch action on March 22, again at the July 9 gymnasium in Indaiatuba , interior of São Paulo. Let's fight:
Middleweight: Antônio Arroyo vs. Welington Turman
Antonio Arroyo, 29, started his career training with the Marajó brothers, but moved to Black House in Los Angeles, where he trained with Lyoto Machida, Khalil Rountree and Kevin Case. His last fight was in the Dana White's Contender Series in August of last year. Despite the victory over two-time WGP champion Diego Gaucho, the contract with the UFC did not come, but his name is absolutely on the radar of the organization. Arroyo won 8 of the 10 fights he fought, four of them by knockout and three by finalization.
Seven years younger, Wellington Turman is named in Brazil as one of the great prospects of the team led by Gile Ribeiro, who has in his squad athletes such as Augusto Sakai, Luan Chagas and Rogério Bontorin. With an efficient style, he has tactical discipline as his main weapon, which forces the opponent to expose himself, becoming vulnerable during the fight. Despite his young age, Turman has a more extensive lineup than Arroyo, with 14 wins in 16 fights, six by submission and four by knockout.
Featherweight: Elvis Oliveira vs. Denis Alagoas
Denis Silva, 24, has Wrestling and Fine Jiu-Jitsu. No wonder, the black belt won almost 50% of his triumphs taking the opponents to the ground and finishing. Currently he is part of the Fight Capital, a team led by former UFC Lucas Mineiro. One of his victims was UFC fighter Geraldo Freitas, who debuted in the world's largest MMA organization this month, and with victory. His most recent appearance was in Finland, with victory against Edward Walls in a fight valid for Cage MMA Finland 46. He won 13 of the 16 bouts, six by submission.
Elvis Brenner Oliveira is also a specialist in Jiu-Jitsu. Professional since May 2016, he has never been defeated. In almost three years of career, there were nine victories in nine fights, almost 80% by finalization. By the way, Denis Alagoas will have to "hide his arm". That's because, of the seven submissions conquered by Elvis, four were in the armlock.
Bantamweight: Glyan Alves vs. Herberth Indio
Brazil's leading MMA bantamweight, Glyan Alves, 24, lives up to status. From 2016 to here, there are 10 victories in 11 fights, six knockouts and two belts of respected organizations conquered, Shooto Brasil and Juiz de Fora Fight. Formed a black degree by his father, he currently trains in the city of Varginha-MG with UFC strawweight Amanda Ribas. Fast and in combinations, he has won more than 60% of his knockout wins. There are 13 triumphs in 16 fights, 8 by knockout.
Herberth Reis, 24, debuts at bantamweight. After an excellent flyweight trajectory, with 12 wins in 13 fights, he sees the possible end of flyweight in the UFC as the opportunity to change division. His style game is the opposite of Glyan. Specialist in Jiu-Jitsu, he does not give space for the opponent to attack and does not waste position. 70% of their triumphs were submission opponents. There are 8 submission, 2 knockouts and 2 decisions. His only defeat was also by decision. Everything indicates that Indio gives Glyan the hardest challenge of its recent trajectory.
Flyweight: Joao Alicate x Rafel Costa
Joao Elias, 24, has won half of his career wins by submission. In all, there are 12 wins in 14 bouts, six of them by submission and five dominating opponents until the end, in a very strategic game.
Rafael Costa, 21, is also the cousin of Charles of the Bronx, the greatest finisher of his UFC history. Following his cousin's style, Rafinha has not been defeated since his debut in 2015. He has nine consecutive victories, mostly on the ground. Four of them strangling, another four punishing ground and pound and one dominating until the end of the third round.
Light Heavyweight: Marcus Silveira vs Fabão Vasconcelos
A 37-year veteran, Vasconcelos fought for the Jungle Fight belt last year. Despite having had good times in the fight, he was knocked out by Marcelo Animal in the second round. defeat did not bring him down. Ready to recover the sequence of victory that he had, he trains so that Fabão is his first victim of this new phase. Heavy-handed striker, he has won 50% of his victories by applying knockouts to opponents. There are 10 wins in 13 fights, with five knockouts. One of its victims is the experienced Maiquel Falcão, who kissed the floor in December last year.
Ten years younger, Fabio Vasconcelos, Fabão, has youth in his favor. He trains at Tatá Fight Team in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the sparring of UFC light heavyweight Thiago Marreta, who after the win between Jan Blachowicz should enter the top 5 in the category. As well as training partner, Fabão also fights exciting, even in defeats. None of his 14 fights came to the judges' decision. There are 11 victories, with 8 knockouts and 3 submission. He has won 8 of nine recent fights and the only time he was defeated was in the fight against UFC light heavyweight sensation Johnny Walker in 2016.
Lightweight: Brendo Bispo vs Magnus Kelly
At the age of 25, Brendo Bispo appeared in a kind of TUF promoted by Chute Boxe Diego Lima in 2017. In almost seven years of his career, he played 14 fights and won in 10 of them. Part of the select group of fighters who never went to the decision, the young athlete won 7 triumphs by knockout and 3 by submission. His biggest title so far was the legendary IVC GP in 2016, when he knocked out two opponents on the same night, one in less than 2 minutes minute and another in less than 1 minute.
Magnus Kelly, 23, is a major prospect of the category in northeastern Brazil. Good performances, including a knockout win with a kick in the head and a submission with a flying triangle, gave the opportunity to fight in Argentina, and he did not disappoint, submitting José Luis Alegre with a rear naked choke in the first round. In fact, more than half of his triumphs were by submission. There are 7 wins in 8 fights, with 4 finalizations. The only defeat of his career was by decision, that is, no one has an easy life against the Hikari athlete.