The technique that Matheus Nicolau used to submission Alan Gabriel in Future FC 5 last weekend generated much doubt about his real name. At first it looked like anaconda choke. However, according to the fighter himself, it was a Japanese necktie, a blow taught by UFC fighter Leo Santos.

"It's funny how I started to do that because she was not taught directly to me," Nicolau explained. "I saw Léo Santos teaching that position to someone in the gym at the end of training, that variation of anaconda choke. As I have a little short arm, it is not very easy to fit the anaconda choke. When I saw him teaching this detail, hand in hand, I found it interesting. Then Leo taught me directly, I started to do the training and it worked. The first time I used this strangulation in a fight was against Bruno Korea in the UFC, and until then I did not even know she had a name. I went to find out they call the Japanese necktie because people started commenting after the fight, and if I'm not mistaken, it was the first time it was used in the UFC. "

Check out in the video below the complete fight of Matheus Nicolau: