Monique Adriane, 22, represents Brazil this Friday in Kansas, USA, at the 35th edition of Invicta FC, the world's premier all-female MMA event. She faces Konklak Suphisara, from thailand.

"I'm fulfilling a dream. I always wanted Invicta, since I joined MMA, I always looked at the atomweights that came in for the event", said the brazilian. "I know it's not an easy fight, but that's what we're talking about: you can have 300 Muay Thai fights, faced 300 different people, but you never fought with me."

Athlete of the Tsunami Combat, Monique Adriane debuted in professional MMA in 2017. From there to here were five fights and four wins. The most recent was at the 3rd edition of Future FC in March, when he beat Vanessa Santos by TKO in the second round.

Due to the short time between the Invicta FC contract and the trip to the fight, Monique Adriane's headcoach was not able to get the visa to stay in the corner of the fighter, who traveled with a faithful training partner.

"Johnny Kabeça visa did not go in time, but Sofia (Lizaso) came with me. It's a partner who has been training with me for five years, has been with me since my first amateur fight. As my coach could not come, I had no other person but her to be here with me."

Watch Monique Adriane in action on Future FC: