PEOPLE'S FIGHT voting is open for Future FC 1! Vote on your favorite fighters from today until January 1st and the winners will be in action on January 25 for the debut of the organization!

On the main event, fans can vote between Carlos Alexandre "Mistoca" (15-4), a TUF Brazil vet, and Joanderson "Tubarao" Brito (9-1), champion of Peru's top show FFC, to face top prospect Carlos Augusto "Sparta" (16-2) on the Featherweight division

In the co-main event, fans choose the opponent of LFA veteran Gustavo Erak (19-4) at Bantamweight. The choice will be between Constrictor Team's Herberth Sousa (12-1) and Striker's House's Diego Fortunato (17-9).

The show goes on with the strikers Paulo Pizzo (8-2) and Henrique Fantini (7-1) looking to get voted to face WOCS Bantamweight champion Caiona Batista (10-2)

At welterweight, Adriano "The Champion" Rodrigues (11-3) and Felipe Boaventura (8-2) asks for your vote to have the chance to face the undefeated Edson Marques (8-0).

Up to Light Heavyweight, Acacio Dos Santos (10-3) waits for an opponent between Marcus Silveira (10-3) and Matheus Buffa (12-5), a protege from Cristiano Marcello.

Finally, closing the main card, Vinicius "Prego Lok Dog" Dos Santos (10-1) waits between Adriano Ramos (9-3) and Joao Elias (12-2).

Vote and stay tuned!

Future FC 1's full card consists of:

Future FC 1
25 de Janeiro
Clube 9 de Julho in Indaiatuba, São Paulo, Brasil

Card Preliminar:
Super Lightweight (165lbs): Maurício Ruffy (4-0, China Team) vs. Pedro Esfirrão (5-3, Mezenga Thai/DTM Team)
Catchweight (120lbs): Heloísa Azevedo (3-1, IFTeam) vs. Alana Souza (1-1, K2MMA/Arena Extreme)
Bantamweight (135lbs): Léo Alves (6-2, Power Lotus Team) vs. Willian Valentim (5-2, Team Nikolai Leonardo Souza/Forja V2)
Flyweight (125lbs): Danilo Adreani (7-2, Capital Da Luta) vs. Kaique Lyotinho (5-2, Projeto Social Giliarde de Lima)

Card Principal:
Flyweight (125lbs): Prego Lok Dog (10-1, Sombra Team) vs. Adriano Ramos (9-3, Inside) OR João Alicate (12-2, Gile Ribeiro/Noguchi)
Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Acácio Pequeno (10-3, Guarulhos Fight Team) vs. Matheus Buffa (12-5, CM System) OR Marcus Tatu (10-3, Porão Da Luta/Luís Brito Fight School)
Welterweight (170lbs): Edson Pânico (8-0, New Level Muaythai Academy) vs. Adriano Rodrigues (11-3, RD Champions) OR Felipe Boaventura (8-2, Sombra Team)
Bantamweight (135lbs): Caionã Blade (10-2, Fusion Fight/Chute Boxe/Gracie Barra) vs. Paulo Pizzo (8-2, Peso Pesado Team) OR Henrique Budista (7-1, Maquininha do Futuro)
Bantamweight (135lbs): Gustavo Erak (19-4, Team Nikolai Leonardo Souza/Thiago Almeida) vs. Herberth Índio (12-1, Constrictor Team) OR Diego Fortunato (17-9, Striker's House)
Featherweight (145lbs): Augusto Sparta (16-2, Maquininha do Futuro) vs. Joanderson Tubarão (9-1, Chute Boxe) OR Carlos Mistoca (15-4, Five Rounds)