Just like in the jungle, to succeed in MMA a fighter needs the animal instinct to be the predator. And Future already has three predators of its divisions. Learn which animals they are inspired by:

Adriano Ramos - flyweight champion:

"The tiger simbolizes power, strength, courage, ferocity, independence, intelligence, agility and confidence. For me, the courage, power and confidence of the tiger are things that I compare to myself. The courage to face any challenge that may seem impossible to others. Power is something that I search for, during the fight, imposing myself among my opponents making them fear every move I make. Confidence in everything I do, in my movements and confidence that I can beat my opponents no matter how strong they are!"

Luiz Cado - welterweight champion:

"I always like to see the Lion as an inspiration. It symbolizes life in the wild. The one who wants to dominate the pack has to fight the strongest lion until death. The lion doesn’t take his eyes off of his prey, he’s the king of the jungle, the most respected of animals and doesn’t flee from a fight. He’s the biggest hunter, he’s never the prey. I’ve never seen a zebra holding a Lion in its mouth!"

Herbeth Índio - bantamweight champion:

"I believe that the Boa Constrictor represents me the most because of the way they kill their prey and also because Master Athaide was a biologist, so he worked with snakes a lot. He had to come up with a name for our team and since he worked a lot with boa constrictors, and snakes that weren’t venomous but killed their pray by squeezing, he came up with the name Constrictor Team! If you search for the name “constrictor” you’ll see that a bunch of snakes will come up! That’s basically it!