With almost 50 fights in the curriculum, Gleristone Santos, Toninho Fúria, is one of the most experienced athletes of the national MMA. He was once considered the best featherweight in action in Brazil, and his great performances earned him opportunities at events like Bellator, Titan FC, ACB and Road FC. And the fighter will have another chance to show all his potential in an international event. That's because the Pitbull Brothers had a great performance in Future FC 4, held last Friday (19) in São Paulo, and the first-round knockout victory over Marcos Vinícius Schmitz earned the Brazilian an invitation to fight in the LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance).

"My fight was quick, but it was within the plan that I mentalized and trained. I was at the peak of energy that night and no light weight in the world would be able to overcome me that day. This win was very important because it puts me back in the game. I can dream of a better future, because fighting at this UFC level that I've been competing for years is good for any organization, for fans and, consequently, for me. It has no curl. I know my place is in the UFC, and I know that anyone who loves MMA would certainly like to see me in the UFC", said Fury.

Toninho has a cartel with 35 wins and 10 losses. He was not having a good time in MMA. Before the victory last Friday, he came from two defeats in ACB, now ACA (Absolute Championship Akhmat). His passage through the Russian event was not good, but in his four appearances in the event, in only one he fought in his native weight - and won. But for him this has been in the past, and what matters is what lies ahead.

"Do you see anyone making a career in the UFC or Bellator who has passed the ACA and who is not Russian? So ACA is already passed on to me. What I want now is to make a shocking fight in the LFA, and then battle in the UFC, where I should have been for a long time", concluded.