Two days after the victory at Future MMA 6 - event held in late June in São Paulo - John Allan was invited to compete in the UFC, the largest MMA league on the planet. The opportunity to debut in Ultimate came after Gian Vilante left the card of the show scheduled for this Saturday (13), in California. Thus, when facing Mike Rodriguez, the Brazilian light heavyweight (205 lb) will compete for the second time in less than 15 days.

"I confess that I did not expect to be called two days after the event, I was taken by surprise, but I knew that this would come because I had presented myself well in the fight and made a good impression on the Contender Series despite the defeat. I was with all the energy deposited in this and I knew it would happen, I just did not know it would be so fast", he said, in an interview with Future's press office.

In his presentation in Future MMA 6, John needed less than two rounds to knock out Alexandre Silva. And despite the intensity of the fight that burned the public at the Centro Universitário Ítalo Brasileiro, the fact that he did not injure himself was a prime factor in his accepting the fight with so little time in advance.

"I did not get hurt in Future, so I just kept the training routine. I was already trained, I just kept the intensity, I controlled the diet and that was no problem, because my weight was dropping cool so I will not suffer from diet. I am feeling good, 100% prepared and ready for the fight", explained.

Commenting on Future's visibility, Allan was emphatic: joining the league was essential for him to fulfill his dream of competing in the UFC. According to the fighter, there is no other national event that values ​​so much the image of the athlete, essential care in the world currently taken by social media.

"I have fought in various events in the world and in Brazil as a whole and I had never fought in an event that prioritized both the marketing and media part of the athlete, there's a marriage of good fights, so they managed to marry the fight against a good guy, who gave me a good view, and that allied to my work resulted in the UFC spot", affirmed the fighter.

If he wins the fight against Rodriguez this weekend, John assured that his friends will welcome him with a big party in Curitiba. And, after the commemoration, the Chute Boxe team athlete should take a few days off to rest after the fights marathon.

"I have a whole neighborhood waiting for me to celebrate these two victories, because I'm sure I'm going to come out with the victory. It's going to be very happy days, a lot of celebration and a lot of relief, because the preparation for Future was very heavy, I'm sure I'll go out with the victory. In Fazendinha, which is my neighborhood there, everyone is waiting and I'm sure we'll have a great party", he concluded.