The first Future MMA of 2020, scheduled for this Friday, 17, in Sao Paulo-SP, will put face to face two great prospects of brazilian MMA in the featherweight division. With identical cartels - four wins in four fights - Gabriel Braga, 21, and Loibe Neto, 27, duel to know who will advance first on the road to a new level. The son of veteran Diego Braga, Gabriel goes to his third fight in the organization, all thanks to the voting system of the event, which gives the public the right to choose the card fights. In the first two opportunities, two convincing wins from the Muay Thai expert. The expectation now is for higher flights.  

“I train a lot, I am determined, focused and always go up to give a show, as I have been doing, knocking down one at a time. For this fight is no different. I see him breaching and me knocking him out", he says. “I will be ready for any opportunity. But now the goal is Future's belt. I believe that after this victory, the title fight will be more than deserved."

Despite making his debut on the Future MMA decagon, Loibe Neto also shows a lot of confidence. Pupil of André Dida, he believes to have a more complete game than Gabriel Braga. And just like the opponent, he expects a convincing victory to take his career to another level.

“It's going to be a MMA fight with standing exchange and takedowns. The certainty is that this fight will not go into the hands of the judges, it will end by knockout or submission", he projects. “The expectation is that with this victory I will be able to set my name on the stage and get either an opportunity out there or the Future title fight, for sure.”

Well know commentators

MMA veteran Cristiano Marcello and the first Future athlete to sign with UFC, Wellington Turman, will be the guest commentators at the 11th edition of the event. To watch them in action in this new role, simply download the Future app from Google Play or the App Store, which is completely free.

“I was very happy for the invitation of Jorge Oliveira, CEO of the event, I was flattered to be part of this, because for me, Future today is the biggest event in Latin America. I am very happy to be part of this story that Future is writing in Brazil˜, said the leader of CM System.  

For those who wants to follow all the emotions of the event in loco, tickets can be bought at the entrance of the arena, which is on the premises of the Centro Universitário Italo-Brasileiro. Besides Gabriel Braga x Loibe Neto, the card also has 10 other fights, mostly choosed by the Future MMA audience.