The bantamweight Leo Alves needed just 19 seconds to win Willian Valentim by TKO in the first edition of Future MMA in January this year. This is, so far, the fastest fight in the history of the event, which will go to the sixth edition next 28th, at the Ítalo Brasileiro gymnasium, in São Paulo-SP. Watch:

"I train to finish or knock out, but the moment I struck, I thought: better not give him a chance to come back. So I will accelerate to finish there", recalls the Power Lotus athlete. "In the fight you do not have much sense of time, so when I was told (it was the fastest knockout) I was very happy."

Before the 19-second knockout, Leo Alves' quickest win was a submission by rear naked choke at 53 seconds four months earlier. Despite being motivated by the challenge, he acknowledges that break the record himself will not be easy. But one thing he guarantees: the show.

"It would be great to break my record, but I know it's very difficult, so I'm going ready for everything, whether it's fighting the three rounds or ending the fight as soon as possible. You can be sure that I'm going to give a show."

A fan of former UFC champions Cody Garbrandt and Demetrious Johnson, Leo Alves has won seven of his 10 pro bouts. Despite his consistent career, he still can not devote himself to fighting.

"I'm a waiter on weekends and I give some private lessons too. But hard work for one day to be able to live only from the fight, because that's what I love to do, "he projects. "Making history in Future is part of the plan."

Future MMA 6

June 28, 2019

Italo Brasileiro University Center, Sao Paulo-SP

170 lbs: Luiz Cado x Wendell Giácomo

145 lbs: Denis Silva x Kevin Souza

205 lbs: John Allan x Alexandre Silva

155 lbs: Eder Gama x Rodrigo Lídio

155 lbs: Ednilson Cai-Cai x Ismael Marreta

145 lbs: David Valente x Bruno Beirute

135 lbs: Daniel Willycat x Henrique Budista

105 lbs: Valesca Tina x Maria Ribeiro

+265 lbs: Plínio Cruz x Douglas Big Monster

135 lbs: Léo Alves x Vinicius Lok Dog

155 lbs: Brenner Albert x Wallison Big bull

145 lbs: Filipe Floyd x Gleyston Baby Shark