Wellington Turman needed just over three minutes to win the UFC veteran Márcio Lyoto in the main fight of Future FC 4, last weekend in São Paulo. The incredible performance may have surprised some of the audience, but not the athlete on Gile Ribeiro's team, who was unsure what he could do inside the decagon.

"A lot of people were impressed by my performance, but I and my team already knew. We know our potential, knew that could give a show that night and finish with Lyoto very fast. I even talked to Leandro Mamute (Future FC narrator) that I was going to finish the fight in the first round, so we were confident and I knew I had the potential to make it happen", he said.

At 22, Turman now has 15 wins in 17 bouts on the cartel, and now this great triumph over a well-known name on the Brazilian stage and who won the Dana White's Contender Series Brazil in August last year.

"That's what I needed. Márcio Lyoto is a great athlete, he has participated in TUF, UFC and is famous. They were all thinking he was going to win, but I did my job, I won, my name was up there and that was very good for me", he exalts.

Márcio Lyoto joined Dana White's program in place of Wellington Turman, who was one of many guests at that edition who did not get the visa to fight in the USA. Despite the frustration at that moment, he demonstrates that fact did not discourage him from fighting for his dream of sign in the UFC.

"It was bad, but that's what I say: God knows the right time of all things. Maybe at that moment I was not as ready as I am today. I'll leave it in his hand, and if it has to happen, it will happen. I will continue to work hard to represent our country in the best way when it comes time, "he said.

The performance at Future FC 4 earned Turman a $ 500 bonus and a contract with the LFA, the event that most projects athletes to the UFC.

"I really want the UFC, and I promised myself that this year I was going to sign with the UFC, and if not now, let it be for the LFA, which is a great event and a great door to get there."