Protagonists of the first Future MMA edition in 2020, the undefeated featherweights Gabriel Braga and Loibe Neto have made weight and confirmed the main event, this Friday, January 17th, at the Italo Brasileiro University, in the southern region of São Paulo. As was said by the company’s CEO, Jorge Oliveria, the winner of this bout may be the next featherweight title contender.

“This fight is important because it put’s a fighter chosen by the fans, Gabriel Braga, face to face with the matchmakers choice, Loibe Neto, which is part of the plan of the organization. Creating more interaction between Future MMA and the fans. Depending on the performance of the winning fighter, he can receive the opportunity to fight for the featherweight gold.

Putting the main event aside, 9 other fights were confirmed at the oficial weigh ins that happened this Thursday. From the fights matched, only one bout was removed from the card: because of a complicated weight loss process, Maicon Miller didn’t even step on the scale and his featherweight bout against Luigi Sorriso was canceled.

Future MMA 11 will be transmitted live, in high definition with English and Portuguese narration and commentaries directly on the Future MMA APP, which is available for free on Google Play and App Store. If you want to watch everything up close and personal, tickets will de sold at the arena.


Future MMA 11

Gabriel Braga vs Loide de Oliveira Neto

Jailton Malhadinho vs Leonardo Black

Alexandre Silva vs Rodrigo Jones

Alireza Noei vs Thiago Manchinha

Fábio Henrique Nascimento vs Luann Panterinha

Leonardo Leleco vs Flavio Magon

Jessica Delboni vs Joseane Kelly

Marcos Vinicius Sorriso vs Robson Punk

Elvis Caiçara vs Cristiano Billy

Pedro Machado vs Maicon Pitbull